Doctor Raises Concerns Nassar-Response Bills Overregulate Profession

Apr 17, 2018

Some doctors in Michigan are concerned about unintended consequences to their profession if state lawmakers pass some sexual assault bills they’re considering. Capitol Correspondent Cheyna Roth explains a state House committee heard testimony on a package of bills Tuesday.

Lawmakers continue their response to former MSU sports doctor Larry Nassar’s ability to sexually assault female patients for years. 

Rose Ramirez is a family physician near Grand Rapids. She says she agrees with the intent of the legislation.

But Ramirez is worried that a couple of the bills would put too many regulations on an already overly regulated profession. Like a bill that would penalize physicians who don’t document certain types of exams. 

“We spend an enormous amount of time completing paperwork. I’d rather sit and talk to my patients during that time.” 

Lawmakers plan to spend a few weeks finessing the bills before voting them out of committee.