Driverless Vehicles Are On Their Way, But There’s Still Some Kinks To Work Out

Apr 2, 2018

Michigan is moving forward with testing and study of self-driving cars.  

But capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports, while the state has worked out a policy framework about these vehicles, there are details to iron out.

Governor Rick Snyder wants Michigan to be what he calls the “undisputed global mobility capitol.” It’s a big lift and a new report gives a list of recommendations for stake-holders and lawmakers as they continue exploring this technology.

Those recommendations include finding effective cyber security standards, getting detailed maps of the state’s roads, and answering questions like “Who or what do you give a ticket to when it’s a self-driving car?”

Snyder says Michigan should be at the forefront of that discussion.

“It’s about the future of our society and our economy." Snyder says. "Mobility has transformational impact coming.”

This is the second annual report from the state’s Council on Future Mobility.