East Lansing City Council Ponders Income Tax Proposal

Jun 20, 2017

There will be discussion of implementing an income tax in the city of East Lansing at a 6 p.m. meeting tonight.

If enacted, the income tax would be coupled with a cut in property taxes. This proposal would be much like the income tax system in the city of Lansing, according to East Lansing city council member and mayor Mark Meadows. He explains "it would be a 1-percent tax on our residents, a half-percent on someone who works in the city and lives somewhere else."

Instituting an income tax would require the approval of East Lansing voters in November. The property tax reduction would also be on the ballot, and officials want ballot language that would ensure that a property tax cut would only take effect if the income tax is approved.

Another big item on Tuesday’s agenda is the ambitious Center City District proposal, which would put retail space, a city-run parking ramp and senior housing where parking lot number one on Albert Street now sits. Public comment is invited on both plans.