Educators seem to place a strong focus on reading for early learners. Is writing as important?

Jul 21, 2020

From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop

Absolutely. Writing is just as important and should occur simultaneously with reading development. There is no competition here.

"Young children recognize certain symbols, logos and markings have specific meanings" (Wu 2009). Reading every day helps with this understanding. Parents also have to recognize physical development plays an important part in emergent writing skills. Finger dexterity is supported by using a variety of manipulatives including blocks, crayons, magnets and puzzle pieces.

Here are a few quick tips to help young learners become great writers.

  • Ready tools such as a pad and crayon encourage writing on the go.
  • Inventive spelling is okay. Even scratches and markings demonstrate meaning.
  • Begin with teaching your child how to write and identify the letters in their name. This establishes an important foundation toward writing proficiency.

Mrs. Pizzo

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