EL Council Plans For Filling Council Vacancies

Jul 21, 2020

The East Lansing city council has laid out a schedule for filling two vacancies created by resignations last week. Ruth Beier and Mark Meadows resigned during last week’s council meeting after a 3-to-2 vote to oust city attorney Tom Yeadon.

The council has 30 days from those departures to choose two new council members.

Applications will be available starting today. Public interviews are set for next week. Appointees will be named on Saturday, August 1st.

New Mayor Aaron Stephens expects a lot of good applicants, saying “there are so many in our community that have served in the past, that have been activists, that have been involved in the community, that have been involved in their neighborhood, boards and commissions, or just really a voice for certain aspects of the community that I think are going to apply.”

Stephens adds that he isn’t looking for anybody in particular to serve. “What I’m really looking for," Stephens states, "is somebody or some people that are going to come in, they’re going to be passionate about their own issues, they’re going to be willing and able to work with our incredible city staff and ready to challenge, or ready to take on challenges that are just unprecedented in East Lansing’s history, because that’s what the job is.”

With Stephens now serving as mayor, the new mayor pro-tem will be Jessy Gregg.