EL Financial Team to recommend city income tax

Dec 2, 2016

The city of East Lansing faces a projected $100-million pension and retiree health care deficit. A financial health review team is getting ready to make recommendations to the city council about dealing with it and gaining a stronger financial footing. We talk with two members of the team.

Later this month, the East Lansing city council will be hearing recommendations about how to stabilize the city’s financial situation. The city faces a roughly $100-million projected shortfall in pension and retiree health benefits.

Throughout the year, an 11-member Financial Health Review Team has been holding public forums, hearing residents’ concerns and suggestions. The final meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 12.

Current State talks with two members of the East Lansing Financial Health Review Team. Robert Kleine is a principal at Great Lakes Economic Consulting and a former state Treasurer, and Trish Foster of East Lansing is Chief Operating Officer at CBRE Martin commercial real estate.