EL Leads Mid-Michigan Region COVID-19 Totals

Sep 15, 2020

East Lansing is now the epicenter of mid-Michigan’s local COVID-19 outbreak. 


On Monday, the Ingham County Health Department imposed a mandatory quarantine on 30 East Lansing properties. 


Most are fraternity and sorority houses, with the rest comprised of rental properties licensed for 10 or more people. 


The 48823 ZIP code reports the highest concentration of coronavirus cases in Ingham County. 


Health Officer Linda Vail says nearly 1,000 cases have been documented in September alone.


“About 40 percent of our cases since March when this all started have happened in the last two weeks, and it looks more like about 700 or more of those cases are MSU-related,” says Vail.


Vail says the county has just received an updated list of East Lansing housing units. 


She says it’s likely that more properties will be included in the mandatory quarantine.