EL Releases Results Of Survey On Ballot Proposals

May 2, 2018

The City of East Lansing announced the results of a phone survey that gathered feedback on city services and potential future ballot proposals. WKAR’s Katie Cook reports.

300 randomly-selected East Lansing voters recently participated in a 15 minute survey that included questions about the performance of the city and its administration.

The results show that 81 percent of participants believe the City of East Lansing is providing good basic services to residents, and 58 percent believe maintaining existing services and programs is important.

But 42 percent said the city is on the wrong track, and when asked about the city’s performance in handling its finances, more than half said either fair or poor.

One key finding of the survey showed that the majority of participants would vote yes to an income tax proposal if it were added to the ballot again, and they would be more likely to vote for a tax increase if the money were used for a dedicated purpose.

East Lansing Mayor Mark Meadows says the survey has provided the administration with important information that they will be considering as they make decisions on next steps.