ELECTION 2014: 8th district Congressional candidate Republican Mike Bishop

Oct 27, 2014

Former state Senate majority leader Mike Bishop (R) hopes to replace Mike Rogers in Congress.
Credit www.electmikebishop.com/

Next Tuesday, Ingham county voters will help determine who will represent them in the U.S. Congress. Today and tomorrow, Current State visits with both of the major party candidates. Many observers favor Republican Mike Bishop to win in the 8th district, which comprises Ingham, Livingston and northern Oakland counties.

The former state senate majority leader says strengthening the U.S. economy is his priority. His record includes regular support for spending and tax reductions, 2nd amendment rights and right to life issues, and opposition to Obamacare and big government.

Supporters of Democrat Eric Schertzing accuse Bishop of contributing to gridlock that led to a state government shutdowns in 2006 and 2009. He’s also been accused of resisting bi-partisan calls for a new Detroit River bridge to Canada.

Current State talks with Bishop about those issues and about his campaign. Schertzing will appear on Tuesday's program.