Emergency Mgr Darnell Earley defends Flint role, Detroit schools plan

Nov 2, 2015

Twice, Delta Township resident Darnell Earley has been appointed as an Emergency Manager in Michigan: once in Flint and currently in the Detroit Public Schools. Current State talks with Earley about the Flint water switch and why he thinks the legislature should pass the Governor’s Detroit schools funding plan.

As the former Emergency Manager of the city of Flint, our first guest has come under fire recently. Many are blaming Darnell Earley for not stopping the city's decision to switch its water source to the Flint river. The move led to dangerously high lead levels in drinking water.

Earley left his Flint position early this year. Today, he is the EM for the Detroit Public Schools, trying to right the historically troubled district. It faces more than a half-billion dollars in debt.

In both roles, the ordained Baptist deacon has remained a resident of Delta Township.

Current State talks with Darnell Earley about the city of Flint and public schools in Detroit.