Ex-Navy sniper from MI shares veterans’ stories in new book

May 20, 2015

Former Navy Seal sniper Ryan Parrot has released a new book on his and other veterans' stories.
Credit Courtesy of Ryan Parrott

In February, we brought you the story of Ryan Parrott. He’s a former Navy Seal sniper from Michigan who now runs “Sons of the Flag”, an organization that helps veterans with burn injuries. Parrott is coming back to Michigan from Dallas, where he lives now, to serve as the grand marshal of Dearborn’s Memorial Day parade on Monday. With a name like Parrott, you know he picked up a nickname in the Navy Seals--he’s called Birdman.

Parrott has now written a book called “Sons of the Flag”, with the stories of other veterans he’s gotten to know. The book isn't just the stories of what they did while serving their country, but why they did it.