Flowing Air | Curious Crew| Ep. 205

Jan 18, 2016

Leaping ping, sticky spool and stubborn cards? WATCH NOW

Explore how air affects things, and how Bernoulli explains how we can fly. Then try the STEM Challenge and make a hoop glider. 

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Download the #CuriosityGuide

  1. Leaping Ping-Pong Balls (pdf): Astonish your friends! Move a ball from one container into anotherwithout touching it!
  2. Floating Paper (pdf): Change air pressure and watch what happens!
  3. Stubborn Cards (pdf): Challenge your friend in this demonstration of air pressure.
  4. Sticky Spool (pdf): Mystify your friends with this demonstration of Bernoulli’s Principle.
  5. Crashing Cans (pdf): Can you harness air power to make the cans crash? 
  6. Airfoil Wing (pdf): Make an airfoil wing to learn more about how Bernoulli’s Principle helpsairplanes to fly.
  7. Straw Sprayer (pdf): Make a cool tool out of two straws and a little air pressure.
  8. Air Tube (pdf): Wow your friend with how quickly you can get air into a long plastic-bagtube! 
  9. Air Glider (pdf): Make and fly a lightweight glider! Find out how updrafts work! Air Glider Template

STEM Challenge - Making a Hoop Glider (pdf): Can you make a hoop glider that is a great flyer?

first air 1/18/16 Ep. 205