Former MSU President Lou Anna Simon’s Protracted Legal Battle Continues

Jan 9, 2020

Attorneys for former Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon announced Thursday that they’ll file a motion to quash another Eaton County judge’s decision that ordered Simon to face trial in circuit court.

Lou Anna Simon has been embroiled in legal trouble for nearly a year over what she knew about the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal and when she knew it. Nassar—convicted for sexually abusing patients under the guise of medical treatment and possession of child pornography is serving a defacto life sentence in prison.

Simon faces charges of lying to police about what she knew about a 2014 Title IX complaint against Nassar by Amanda Thomashow.

After a pre-trial examination in Eaton County District Court Judge Julie Reincke ordered Simon to face trial for a felony charge in the Eaton County circuit court.

Simon’s lead attorney Lee Silver, said they’re filing a motion to try and stop the trial because they believe Reincke’s opinion was riddled with legal errors.

“Well there are a number of very, very significant errors in her opinion. All of which will be set forth in a lot of detail in our motion to quash the bind over,” said Silver.

A spokeswoman for the Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office said Simon’s attorneys will file the motion at the end of the month before the AG’s office responds in mid-February. Simon’s attorneys will then have until February 28th to respond with a rebuttal. Oral arguments on the motion are scheduled to be heard in late March.