Four Proposed Plans for Current Lansing City Hall Location Unveiled

Sep 14, 2017

On Wednesday night, four development firms presented their plans to transform the current space occupying Lansing city hall across the street from Michigan's State Capitol. 

Each company was given 45 minutes to present its proposal to the public. Lansing mayor Virg Bernero said the city's internal review team is analyzing each proposal submitted.  A final recommendation will be made to the mayor at the end of the month.

Beitler Real Estate Services 

Beitler Real Estate Services proposal for city hall site.
Credit City of Lansing

This Chicago based firm proposes to renovate the existing structure and make it a brand name hotel.

The top floor of the shortest building would become a "boutique specialty restaurant."

Beitler said its plan will not require state or city financial assistance or tax incremental financing also known as TIF.

Paul Beitler, the President of the firm, graduated from Michigan State University. In his cover letter to the city, he said Beitler is redeveloping a similar building in Madison, Wisconsin.

Click here to see Beitler Real Estate Services' presentation.

Boji Group

Boji Group proposal for city hall site.
Credit City of Lansing

The company based in Lansing proposes to level the current city hall building with a 13-story mixed use property.

The 11th and 12th floor floors would house 28 residential units.  192 hotel guest rooms would be located underneath the top floors.  The hotel lobby would be on the fourth floor.  Floors 1-3 would contain 115 parking spaces.  Retail shops would also line the first floor.  

Boji also proposes relocation of Lansing city hall, police headquarters and city courts to the former Davenport University location on Grand Avenue between Lenawee and Kalamazoo Streets. Boji Group owns that property currently.

Click here to see Boji Group's presentation.

Karp And Associates

Karp And Associates proposal for city hall site.
Credit City of Lansing

The Lansing based company would redevelop the current city hall structure and add a tower.

In its place would be a mixed use building that includes a 151 guest room hotel, 41 residential units and 30,718 square feet of office space. Karp's plans also call for 2600 square feet of retail space and 59 parking spots.

It proposes building a new city hall in a block bound by Capitol Avenue, South Washington, West St. Joseph and Hillsdale Streets.

Click here to see Karp And Associates' presentation.

Urban Systems 

Urban Systems proposal for city hall site.
Credit City of Lansing

This Okemos based firm would turn the existing city hall into a Westin hotel.  There would also be space for a restaurant, spa, fitness, conference and meeting space.

Urban Systems proposes to move city hall to the former Lake Trust Credit Union headquarters at 501 South Capitol Avenue. Half of the site would contain the city hall. The other half 180 apartment units and a grocery store.

Click here to to see Urban Systems' presentation.