Fox Tales | Nature

Mar 15, 2021

Wed. Mar. 17 at 8pm on WKAR-HD 23.1 & STREAMING | Discover the secret life of red foxes, who can make a home anywhere from cities to the Arctic tundra.

Intelligent, resilient and bold, the red fox can change its behavior to thrive in new environments. New scientific research offers a fascinating look into the secret life of these foxes.

Most people assume they need to head to more remote areas, like state and national parks, to see a red fox, but according to several experts, many individuals need to look no further than their own neighborhoods. These adaptable and intelligent canids can make their home along the cliffs of Newfoundland and the Arctic tundra. Over the last century, they have also been slowly populating urban centers.

The program follows scientists in Madison and Bristol, England, tracking the movement of red foxes into cities; follows a red fox family raising young pups along the Newfoundland coast; accompanies a biologist to the Arctic studying the movement of red fox heading to a new habitat and presents rare footage and behavior of newborns inside the den chronicling their attempts to become the dominant pup.

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