FRIB leads to MSU power grid upgrades

Dec 19, 2014

MSU's T.B. Simon power plant will supply energy for the massive FRIB facility.
Credit Kevin Lavery/WKAR

The construction of what will become the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, or FRIB, continues at Michigan State University. The massive concrete floor of the underground chamber has been poured. Last week, the MSU Board of Trustees approved plans to connect a new power line from the T.B. Simon Power Plant on the south end of the main campus here in East Lansing to FRIB. It will require a substantial amount of power.

Even a structure designed to use nuclear energy to unlock the secrets of the universe needs good old fashioned electricity to run. MSU will have to beef up its infrastructure at its main plant to handle the additional load.

Current State's Kevin Lavery went to the T.B. Simon Power Plant to talk with Bob Ellerhorst, the director of utilities at MSU.