Friction | Curious Crew | Ep. 209

Feb 12, 2016

Parachutes, hovercrafts, and floating marbles? WATCH NOW

Learn how friction limits the movement of objects and affects us everyday. Then try the STEM Challenge by making a hovercraft from a compact disc.

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  1. Sticky Rice (pdf): Can you lift up a bottle without touching it? You can, if you have a pair of chopsticks and some rice.
  2. Floating Marble (pdf): Challenge your friend with a marble trick!
  3. Sliding Friction (pdf): What makes things slide? What prevents them from sliding? Find outin this enjoyable investigation!
  4. Air Resistance (pdf): It's a paper race!
  5. Friction Merry-Go-Round (pdf): I'm busy getting dizzy...I'm busy getting dizzy... Try this motion experiment to learn more about friction and resistance!
  6. Spinning Lid (pdf): Have you lost your marbles? No? Then try this cool experiment to find out more about friction.
  7. Sole Friction (pdf): Basketball players count on their rubber-soled shoes for good frictional resistance. Try this fun investigation to find out how a rubber-soled shoe performs on different surfaces.
  8. Greasy Hands (pdf): Have you ever wondered why we put oil into a car, or why machinery like a sewing machine sometimes comes with a little bottle of oil? You can find out with this simple investigation.
  9. Phonebook Force (pdf): Surprise your friend and demonstrate the power of friction!

STEM Challenge - Making a CD Hovercraft - What do you want your hovercraft to do? Try various designs and surfaces to make your craft go farther, higher, or hover longer!

first air 2/15/16