Golf Courses Play Through Coronavirus

Mar 18, 2020

With restaurants and theaters closed due to Coronavirus, one type of business that so far may remain open in Michigan is golf courses.

Golf courses like Royal Scot near Lansing are open, but taking precautions. Co-owner Todd Kwiecien only allows two customers in the pro shop at a time, surfaces and carts are being disinfected, and the doors are propped open. “They don’t have to worry about touching the handles, and it keeps the air circulation going," Kwiecien explains. "I’m doing everything I’ve heard, read, to keep it a safe environment.”

Food and drink service is not allowed at Michigan golf courses.

On Wednesday, Royal Scot had about 20 golfers. Thursday was cooler and it wasn’t busy at all. Friday, though, could see temperatures around 60 degrees, and things could get busier, assuming they continue to be allowed to operate.

Michigan State University’s Forest Akers golf courses are closed until at least March 30th.