Gotcha Scooters Returning

Apr 28, 2020

Gotcha E-scooters are coming back to the Lansing area.

Sean Flood is CEO of Gotcha. He says the company is currently working with Lansing and East Lansing, as well as through an exclusive contract with Michigan State University. “It could be a week from now, but it could also be two months from now," Flood explains. I think that’s just kind of the reality of where we are, and our team working with all three of those stakeholders to do it correctly.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Flood says the company will have the scooters cleaned multiple times a day. “We’ve also encouraged the riders, from a personal responsibility standpoint, where riders are washing their hands afterwards and before, and using hand sanitizer," he continues. We can do a lot to keep the product as safe as possible.”

In East Lansing, the scooters have already returned. The city ordinance on electric scooters requires deployment in designated areas called scooter hubs. They must be parked upright, and leave at least five feet of sidewalk unobstructed for pedestrian use. They also cannot interfere with things like fire hydrants and crosswalks. Usage is limited to sidewalks and bike lanes, and with only one rider at a time.