Gov. Snyder Urges More Investment in Environment, Water Infrastructure

Aug 30, 2018

Governor Rick Snyder is urging lawmakers to approve his proposals for cleaning up the environment and improving Michigan’s water infrastructure.



The governor wants to see more investment in brownfield cleanup, solid waste management and recycling.  He says increasing the state’s landfill tipping fees – currently the lowest in the Great Lakes region – would generate nearly $70 million a year towards those programs.


“This is about providing infrastructure; core things that are important roles that government provides that are important for our quality of life, our economy and our world,” Snyder says.  “And I think it’s time to step up.”


Snyder is also calling for a $110 million investment in water infrastructure, about half of which would pay for an emergency fund to prevent public health hazards.  He says Michigan households would pay no more than $20 per year, with businesses paying up to $400 per year.