Gov. Whitmer Yet To Sign State Budgets As Deadline Approaches

Sep 30, 2019

Michigans's budget deadline is hours away and Governor Gretchen Whitmer still has not signed any of the 16 budgets on her desk.

Democratic Governor Whitmer is not expected to outright veto any budgets sent to her by the Republican-led Legislature.

State department directors told employees to report for work tomorrow indicating they do not expect a shutdown.  

But she called the budgets on her desk a “mess”. So it’s possible she will use her line item veto power on multiple items in the budgets. She could also declare some parts of the budget unenforceable where a line item veto is not allowed.

There’s also another move available to Whitmer – and it looks possible that she’ll use it. Whitmer’s administration can move money around within departments through the state’s Administrative Board.

The board announced that it will meet Tuesday morning.