Governor Tries To Salvage “Good Jobs” Bills, Meets With House Speaker

Jul 11, 2017

The state House meets Wednesday and Governor Rick Snyder hopes lawmakers will vote on a controversial set of business tax breaks.

A few weeks ago, the so-called “Good Jobs” bill package collapsed.

It was supposed to get a vote in the House. But House Speaker Tom Leonard abruptly canceled it. He said the governor was cutting deals with Democrats and unions that go against many Republican interests.

Governor Rick Snyder says the bills could mean thousands of jobs for the state. He says the House needs to move on quickly on the legislation.

“There are companies out there that are making decisions this summertime. July-August kind of timeframe. And it’s important that we potentially have this as a tool in our toolkit.”

Leonard says he will meet with the rest of the House Republicans. But he would not say if the bills would get a vote at the next session.