Grand Ledge HS Senior Leads Pro-Second Amendment Walkout

May 2, 2018

There was another walkout at a mid-Michigan high school Wednesday...but not for the reason you might expect. 


The national school walkout held March 14 in memory of the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting drew hundreds of thousands of students.  But senior Zach Bell walked out of Grand Ledge High School to defend the Second Amendment: the right to bear arms. 


A military honor guard accompanied Bell as he led a few dozen of his classmates in moments of silence to reflect on police officers, military personnel and others who carry in the name of public safety.


“In some of my classes, I took a lot of flak for wanting to do this,” Bell explains.  “But having all these students out here supporting me is really big to me, because it’s a lot more than I had previously expected.”


Bell says he wanted to counter the notion that the media paints his generation as anti-Second Amendment. 


His plans after high school?  Joining the military.