Group Files Language For Lobby Overhaul Petition

Jan 24, 2020

A liberal advocacy group has taken an early step to put a proposed amendment to the state constitution on the ballot this year. It would place new controls on lobbying state elected officials.

The proposed amendment is lengthy – eight pages. It includes limits on gifts and meals for state elected officials and senior staffers. It would require logs of meetings, phone calls and other communications between lobbyists and lawmakers. Also. a two-year period before a legislator could become a paid lobbyist.

Lonnie Scott is with the group Progress Michigan. He says the proposal would give constituents more power over policy decisions in Lansing. 

“Because right now those calling the shots in Lansing are the lobbyists that are often paid by large corporations or really monied interests, and they are the ones dominating the conversations on what happens in all the legislative chambers.” Scott said.

The amendment was submitted to the state Bureau of Elections Thursday for preliminary approval. Once the petition form is given a preliminary OK by a state elections board, the group will start gathering signatures. 

If it gathers enough names of registered voters, the amendment would go on the ballot.