Gun Rights Advocate Opposes Training Requirement

Jun 9, 2017

CORRECTION: The proposed legislation would repeal currently required safety training.

A leading gun rights advocate says he opposes proposed legislation that would require safety training for people who want a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Michigan.

Tom Lambert of Michigan Open Carry is the guest on the WKAR-TV program “Off the Record” this week to discuss gun rights legislation. He’s a certified trainer and says he encourages safety training, but argues that it shouldn’t be a requirement.

"I like training. People should get trained," Lambert says, adding "should training be required to exercise a right? No."

Lambert says he hears from gun sellers around the state that first-time gun buyers are always offered a training package, and they always are interested in training. When asked if Michigan had more training, would there be more lives saved or accidents avoided, he responded "I don't necessarily think so."