Health Officer Supports New CDC Mask Guidelines, Still Urges Caution

Apr 27, 2021

Ingham County’s top health official supports new CDC guidelines that give fully vaccinated people more leeway to safely attend outdoor activities without a mask.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says fully vaccinated Americans don’t need face coverings outdoors unless they’re in big crowds of strangers. Until now, the recommendation had been to wear a mask outdoors when within six feet of others.

Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail says she approves of the new guidelines, though considering Michigan’s recent surge in COVID-19 cases, people here should continue to be cautious. Vail says "it shows people that getting vaccinated is safe, does work, and does get us to the end of these restrictions.”

Vail says the new outdoor mask guidance does not affect other safety mandates currently imposed by the state of Michigan.

The COVID-19 hospitalization rate in Ingham County remains high, with more than 170 people currently at Sparrow and McLaren hospitals, but the number is trending downward.