Health plans rep explains Michigan abortion insurance change

Mar 13, 2014

David Waymire says most companies that are part of the association were already offering abortion related coverage as a rider, so there's no change for them. There could be some changes, though, for Blue Cross customers.
Credit Flickr - LOSINPUN

The new ‘Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act’ bans insurance companies from offering coverage for the procedure as a standard part of a policy. Persons wanting the coverage will need to purchase a separate “rider” for their policy.

Supporters of the law say people who oppose abortion should have the right not to have their insurance premiums underwrite the procedure.

Opponents blast the measure for several reasons, in part because it will effectively limit access to abortion. No private or commercial insurance company currently has plans to offer the abortion riders. For now at least, that limits coverage to a handful of employer-sponsored health plans.

The Michigan Association of Health Plans represents most health insurers in Michigan besides Blue Cross Blue Shield. Spokesperson David Waymire says the association hasn't taken a position on the abortion issue, but they want to provide factual information to people.