Higher education more than just job training

May 13, 2013

Glazer argues that liberal arts education is more valuable than specific job training.
Credit Flickr

It’s spring commencement time, when tens of thousands of new graduates head out into the “real world.”  Here in Michigan, there have been a lot of public conversations about how we train our students for jobs in this state, how we keep talent from leaving and attract new talent, and what our universities can be doing to facilitate all of this. From the proposed Michigan 2020 plan by state Democrats to re-thinking the university corridor, there are a lot of ideas floating out there.

Lou Glazer, co-founder and president of Michigan Future, Inc., thinks that quite a bit of this discussion about job training in Michigan is rather short-sighted and missing the larger point. He joins Current State host Mark Bashore to discuss the value of a liberal arts education.