Holt Schools Begin Post-Coronavirus Cleanup

Mar 17, 2020

Schools across the state are shut down in an effort to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. Now, the process of cleaning many school buildings is underway.

Holt Superintendent Dr. David Hornak says a disinfectant spray was used in every building in the district over the weekend. They’ll all get sprayed again right before they reopen.

Between now and then, hard surfaces are being thoroughly cleaned by hand. Rick Brown is facilities manager for Holt Public Schools. He says “we will disinfect everything again, all the handles, all the doors, all the hard surfaces…desktops, bathrooms…and then we’ll just continue on doing that, day by day, school by school.”

Hornak says the sprayer does not remove pencil marks from desks, which could lead some to think they haven’t been cleaned. Hand-wiping helps eliminate those marks.

All school buses in Holt will get similar cleaning right before schools re-open.