How SCOTUS decision about a Texas water district could impact the Great Lakes

Jun 24, 2013

Attorney Saulius Mikalonis says the Supreme Court's decision would have a favorable impact on Michigan, in terms of Great Lakes water diversion.
Credit Flickr/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Texans and Oklahomans don’t just clash over football. They also have a long history of battling over water, with the most recent conflict playing out in the Supreme Court. Justices recently ruled that  the Tarrant  Regional Water District, located in North Texas, cannot divert water from Oklahoma river basins.  

In a region like the Great Lakes, this case may seem irrelevant, but according to environmental attorney Saulius  Mikalonis, the Great Lakes Basin should take note. Mikalonis explains why the Great Lakes should care about the Supreme Court’s decision.