Humor, animals and hot cars equal memorable game day ads

Feb 2, 2017

This year the going rate for an ad during the NFL championship game Feb. 5 is $5 million for a 30 second spot.  What sells? 

Humor, animals, and hot cars (hot women don't hurt either, especially if it's a boring or low scoring game). It's all part of  the advertising strategy, according to Bob Kolt, professor of practice in Michigan State University's department of advertising and public relations. Kolt says this is the biggest night for television advertising, as they try to make sales and  leave an impression on viewers.

Kolt  and the AD+PR faculty  will be rating the TV ads for the 20th consecutive year, and will judge the commercials during the game based on production quality, brand strategy, and whether it leaves a memorable impression.  The game will always have a winner and a loser--as will the advertisers at $5 million a pop! Join the conversation at #MSUperbowl