Jackson Amtrak Station Notes Underground Railroad Role

Feb 23, 2021

The train station in Jackson is being recognized by Amtrak for its role in the Underground Railroad, the system that helped escaped slaves reach freedom in the north.

During a livestreamed ceremony at the train station Tuesday, Mayor Derek Dobies made a connection between the station’s history and modern-day Jackson. “As our city continues to move forward with various racial equity initiatives," Dobies said, "it’s important that we continue always to look towards the past and recognize those who first sought to dismantle white supremacy.”

Derrick James is Director of Government Affairs for the Midwest at Amtrak. During the ceremony, he supported efforts to promote the station’s place in helping slaves reach freedom, stating “Amtrak believes that the application to designate this site within the National Park Service’s National Underground Networks of Freedom lays the groundwork for a better understanding of the origins and operations of the Underground Railroad.”

Amtrak has owned and operated the train station in Jackson since 1976.