From L.A. to Marquette: UP Poet Laureate Andrea Scarpino

Jan 25, 2016

Andrea Scarpino of Marquette has been named poet laureate of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Scott Pohl talks with her about her work and life in the U.P.

People who love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan often find inspiration in the natural beauty to be found there. Those who live there celebrate the U.P. in many ways, including one you might not have thought of before: poetry.

Andrea Scarpino is the poet laureate of the Upper Peninsula. She moved to Marquette from Los Angeles about six years ago. That’s a short time compared to lifelong Yoopers, but her work has quickly adapted to her surroundings.

Current State producer Scott Pohl talks with Andrea Scarpino about serving the people of the Upper Peninsula as poet laureate.