“Landmarking” study looks at where cool carp go to get hot dates

Jul 13, 2015

A study about the dating hangouts of Asian Carp could be useful in keeping them from invading the Great Lakes. Current State talks with researcher Dr. Kim Cuddington.

In the continued fight against the invasive Asian Carp, scientists are trying to learn as much as they can in order to use that knowledge to keep the fish out of the Great Lakes. One thing that’s really helpful to know how carp pick up mates.

A researcher in Canada is studying a phenomenon called “landmarking,” which is not much different from what happens at the town tavern on a Saturday night.

Current State's Melissa Benmark talks with Dr. Kim Cuddington, associate professor in the department of Biology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, about what landmarking means and how taking advantage of it could keep carp from making more carp.