Lansing politico Grebner on straight ticket voting, Trump campaign

Dec 23, 2015

Lansing pollster-politico Mark Grebner weighs in on the Presidential candidates, the state’s ban on straight ticket voting and Michigan’s approaching Presidential primary.

For decades, Mark Grebner has been on the inside of many a political campaign and controversy. Officially, Grebner is the President of Lansing’s Practical Political Consulting, a campaign services and voter list organization. He serves as the firm’s lead campaign consultant. He also served more than three decades on the Ingham County Board of Commissioners, from which he retired a couple of years ago. 

Less officially, Grebner is an ardent liberal known widely for his political savvy and his irreverent, often provocative commentary.

Current State talks with Mark Grebner about politic topics including presidential politics and the notion of banning straight ticket voting in Michigan.