Lansing’s ‘Comedy Coven’ serves up funny with a side of witchcraft

Dec 14, 2015

A new comedy series in Lansing is bringing its audiences stand-up with a side of witches. We talk to the women behind Comedy Coven ahead of their show at The Robin Theatre on Tuesday.

(L-R) Tricia Chamberlain, Emily Syrja and Stephanie Onderchanin at the September Comedy Coven Show in REO Town's Robin Theater.
Credit Courtesy photo / Comedy Coven

It’s a good ten months until Halloween, but a group of comedians in Lansing is keeping the occult alive at a monthly stand-up show. Comedy Coven starts and ends the show with witchy chants, but most of the show is just really funny stand-up.

Current State's April Van Buren talks to the three women behind the coven: Stephanie Onderchanin, Emily Syrja, and Tricia Chamberlain.