Lansing's First Cat Café Sells Coffee And Adoptable Cats

Oct 14, 2019

Lansing’s first cat café opened on Saturday. The new business is aimed at being a functional café, while also showcasing adoptable cats.

At Constellation Cat Café, visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee while playing with a furry friend. 


Kelsey Maccombs is the Executive Director of Constellation Cat Café. 

“I hope like people who don't have cats just get to experience like the comfort of like being with cat and cuddling with them,” said Maccombs.

Dominic Gallegos plays with a cat.

But she also hopes that her customers will walk away with a new pet.

“Our whole goal is to find homes for rescue cats,” said Maccombs.

All the café’s cats come from Saved by Zade - a nonprofit organization that places cats in foster homes all over Mid-Michigan.

And, there’s no shortage of cats in the region. 

Last year alone, the Capital Area Humane Society reported spaying and neutering almost 1000 feral cats in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties. 

Holly Thoms is the director of the Capital Area Humane Society’s Spay and Neuter clinic. She said that there is a huge population of un-owned outdoor cats in the region.

For now, Constellation Cat Café will aim to place some of those cats in forever homes. Maccombs reported six cats have already been adopted.