Lansing's 'Professor Of Pot' Convicted On Federal Charges

Aug 29, 2019

A Lansing man has been found guilty of ten federal charges related to selling marijuana from the dispensaries he operated in five Michigan cities.

Daniel Dario Trevino, 47, owned Hydro World storefronts in Lansing, Jackson, Grand Rapids, Flint and Mount Pleasant from 2010 through 2017. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Michigan in Grand Rapids reports that he was convicted this week of operating outside the boundaries of federal law and the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. He also had prior convictions involving marijuana and cocaine.

Because of those convictions, state law only allowed him to cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants and possess a small amount for personal use. He instead cultivated thousands of plants and sold hundreds of kilos of marijuana, with sales of close to $3-million.

Trevino’s then-20 year old son Danny Anthony Trevino ran for mayor of Lansing in 2017 as a stand-in for his father.

The elder Trevino, who calls himself “the professor of pot,” faces five to 40- years in prison.