Lawmakers Consider Changing How Three Universities Select Their Boards

Feb 15, 2018

Some lawmakers in Lansing want to overhaul how three major universities select their governing bodies. Cheyna Roth reports this would bring those schools in line with the state’s other twelve public universities.

Three university boards are picked via an election. The measure would amend the constitution so those university boards are appointed by the governor. Which is how the other 12 public universities pick their governing bodies.

But the measure would have to, eventually, be voted on in a general election.

Republican Representative James Lower is a bill sponsor. He says the people should get a chance to choose if these universities are getting their boards in the best way possible.

“At the end of the day, all we’re voting for is to give people the choice. Is the status quo working? I think in many ways it isn’t.”

Before it could get to the voters, the measure would have to pass the House and Senate by two-thirds majorities.