Lawmakers Introduce Plans To Amend New Minimum Wage And Earned Sick Time Laws

Nov 9, 2018

State lawmakers recently passed legislation to change the state’s minimum wage law and require that employers offer earned sick time. But those laws haven’t gone into effect yet. Michigan lawmakers want to make changes to those laws before they have a chance to be felt by Michigan residents.

The legislation was introduced by Republican Senators. Critics said lawmakers want to water down the new laws. They said if the Legislature didn’t like the laws, they should have let the voters decide on these issues on the ballot.

Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof disagrees. Before the bills were introduced, he said both laws needed to be changed in order to protect businesses.   “So we continue to keep our economy on track and not put up a roadblock or hinderance in their way," said Meekhof.  One bill would bring back a lower minimum amount that employers have to pay tipped workers. Another bill would get rid of parts of the law aimed at helping employees who sue their employer if they are fired after using sick leave.