Lawmakers Return With Ballot Initiatives On The Mind

Sep 3, 2018

State lawmakers return to the Capitol this week – and the big question is whether they will pass a pair of ballot initiatives. Capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports with the current political gamesmanship, Democrats could actually vote against an increase in the state’s minimum wage.

The ballot proposals would increase the state’s minimum wage – and require employers to offer earned sick time.

If the Legislature passes the proposals instead of voters, they can later amend the laws with a simple majority. If the voters pass the proposals, it would take a two-thirds majority. And that’s where Democrats are concerned.

Sam Singh is the leader of the Democrats in the House. He thinks Republicans could pass the initiatives and then “They’ll come back in the Lame Duck and gut that, and obviously Democrats are opposed to that.”

Some Republicans have said the proposals are bad for the economy – and that the Legislature should adopt them and make some small changes to them later.