Leonard: Nessel 'Unfit' To Be AG Due To Abusive Campaign

Sep 17, 2018

Republican Tom Leonard says his Democratic rival Dana Nessel is "unfit" to be Michigan's attorney general after two former aides described an abusive environment inside her campaign.

Leonard, who leads the state House, held a news conference Monday with law enforcement leaders to criticize Nessel. It came days after allegations of Nessel constantly berating campaign staffers and an unusually high turnover of staff were reported by MIRS.

Abby Dart and Brian Stone confirmed their accounts to The Associated Press on Monday. Dart, who was a senior campaign adviser for more than nine months, says Nessel's conduct was "really out of line."

Leonard says it's "unacceptable" behavior from anybody who wants to be Michigan's top law enforcement officer.

A Nessel spokesman didn't directly address the allegations, calling Leonard's attack a "ploy."