Licensing Deadline Extended For Some Medical Marijuana Businesses

Sep 10, 2018

Some unlicensed medical marijuana businesses in the state are waiting to find out if they qualify for a deadline extension or if they’ll have to close their doors on Saturday.

Thomas Mayes, the owner of Greenwave Provisioning Center in Lansing, said he's waiting on both the city of Lansing and the state to grant him operating licenses for his business.


Since he won't make the state's September 15th licensing deadline, he doesn’t yet know what the means for his employees and patients.

“I have 20 employees that work here, so all 20 employees would be laid off. I have a few hundred patients that rely on this place for their medicine every single day – they’ll all be limited," said Mayes.

The Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation says it will release more information on Tuesday about the extended deadline and which businesses will qualify.

“We have been aware of the feedback and hearing the concerns of everyone that is related the industry as well as patients as to access," said Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation Director Andrew Brisbo.

The state says it has received 401 applications for medical marijuana business operating licenses. It has approved 37.