Lights, camera, pie: film documents town devoted to pie

Mar 17, 2014

Longtime mid-Michigan artist Jane Rosemont is making a documentary called, "The Pie Lady of Pie Town."
Credit Flickr - oh estelle

Art, like life, goes through phases and changes. A longtime mid-Michigan artist who relocated to New Mexico a few years ago is exploring the inspirations there and has just come out with her first short film. Many listeners will be familiar with Jane and Dick Rosemont. He was one of the forces behind Flat Black and Circular, an East Lansing record shop, and she was a fine arts photographer.

Current State’s Melissa Benmark caught up with Jane Rosemont at her home in Santa Fe to ask about “The Pie Lady of Pie Town,” which is about a tiny place in New Mexico and its claim to fame - pies.

Rosemont said it's a story of how a successful business woman chose to bake pies in a remote town in the middle of nowhere.