Liquid Forces | Curious Crew | Ep. 206

Jan 22, 2016

Dancing droplets, colored celery and soap boats? WATCH NOW 

Explore the characteristics of liquids and how they work in our daily lives by learning about cohesion and adhesion.  Then try the STEM Challenge by building bottle cars powered by a chemical reaction.


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Download the #CuriosityGuide

  1. Screen Jar (pdf): Amaze your friends and learn about two forces that attract in this fun demonstration.
  2. Cohesive Contest (pdf): Learn more about the principle of cohesion in this fun investigation.
  3. Dancing Droplets (pdf): Investigate water droplets to see what they do. 
  4. Floating Metal (pdf): What metal objects can you get to float?
  5. Droplets on a Penny (pdf): Have you ever heard the saying, “Like attracts like?” It’s true, but what about when like attracts different? Find out what happens!
  6. Pepper Bowl (pdf): Try this investigation and watch liquid forces in action!
  7. Milky Mayhem (pdf): Investigate how whole milk and soap interact with each other. Amazing!
  8. Soap Boat (pdf): Make a soap boat that uses liquid forces to move through the water.
  9. Pouring Water on an Angle (pdf): Doesn’t water usually pour straight down? Can you make the waterpour at an angle? We dare you!
  10. Colored Celery (pdf): Change the color of a vegetable through the principle of capillaryaction!

STEM Challenge - Making Terrific Tire Treads (pdf): Use your knowledge of how liquid forces work to design a tire-tread pattern that will make driving a car safer in wet conditions.

first air 1/25/16 Ep. 206