Local project to use selfies to redefine beauty

Mar 18, 2014

At a workshop on March 25th, girls will discuss ideas of how beauty is perpetrated by the media, and how those standards are impossible to achieve.
Credit Flickr - Laurence Vagner

Starting next week, a new project will encourage girls to redefine their understanding of beauty and boost self-esteem, through Selfie. The workshop titled “The Art of the Selfie: How Selfies Create Confidence” is  a collaboration between the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, the 60/50 Project, and the East Lansing Public Library.

Current State’s Emanuele Berry speaks with Donna Kaplowitz of the residential college about the project. Kaplowitz explains that the project was inspired by a commercial suggesting that social media could be used to reinforce girls images of beauty, moving away from media stereotypes.