Love, Life and the Virus | Frontline

Aug 25, 2020

WATCH NOW IN SPANISH OR ENGLISH Follow a mother’s fight to survive COVID-19 and see her newborn baby.

From director Oscar Guerra, Love, Life and the Virus tells the story of how, in the Guatemalan immigrant family’s moment of crisis, their community in Stamford, CT, stepped in to help. Just before giving birth and being put into a coma, and with nowhere else to turn, Zully reached out to her older son’s ESL teacher, Luciana Lira — an immigrant herself — who would ultimately take in the newborn while the family recovered.

The film follows the struggle as Zully recovers, is released from the hospital, and as she, Marvin and Junior await the negative COVID tests that will mean it’s safe for Neysel to come home to them. With extraordinary access to the medical professionals who cared for Zully and her baby, and those around her throughout it all, the film is a heartwrenching and heartwarming look at one family’s quest to be reunited — and the community members who helped make it possible.

A Spanish-language version and  English-language version of the documentary is available for viewing.