Mechanical Energy | Curious Crew | Ep. 210

Feb 19, 2016

Water wheels, cup rocket and wrecking balls? WATCH NOW

Mechanical energy is the combined potential and kinetic energy in an object that enables work to occur through the movement of another object. Learn how energy is stored and released in everyday objects. Then try the STEM Challenge by designing and building a kinetic car.


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  1. Cup Racer (pdf): Learn about several types of energy while building and testing a really cool racer.
  2. Craft-Stick Chain Reaction (pdf): Build a “cobra” out of sticks, set it in motion, and watch what happens!
  3. Ramped Up (pdf): This “marble-ous” activity demonstrates several kinds of energy!
  4. Cup Rocket (pdf): Make a crazy cup rocket and learn more about mechanical energy.
  5. Waterwheel Work (pdf): Round and round it goes! Find out what the energy of water can do.
  6. Mini Marshmallow Launcher (pdf): Have a blast making this neat little launcher. How far will your marshmallows go?

STEM - Challenge Making a Kinetic Car (pdf): Engineer a car that runs without a motor!

first air 2/22/16 Ep. 210