MI attorney leads Flint class action against state

Jan 25, 2016

A former president of the Michigan Trial  Lawyers Association is suing the state over its handling of the Flint water crisis. Attorney Michael Pitt talks with Current State about the lawsuits.

Ambitious legal actions are taking shape against state government over its role in the Flint water crisis. Attorney Michael Pitt says he intends to file a comprehensive request for documents today with Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration. He’s seeking more e-mails and text messages going back to 2011 that relate to the water crisis.

This past week, Snyder’s office made public 274 pages of relevant e-mails from 2015 and 2014.

Pitt heads two recently announced lawsuits. One of them is a class action that asserts state government essentially seized residents’ properties and destroyed their values due to their negligence. In the state’s Court of Claims, he says he'll need to prove that state government is guilty of deliberate indifference.