MI Election Official: Polling Place Tech Is Safe, Accurate

Nov 5, 2018

Michigan officials are expressing confidence in the security and accuracy of voting technology ahead of tomorrow’s election.

Since the 2016 election, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson says Michigan has obtained new voting equipment, and $11-million in federal security grants have upgraded systems.

Spokesman Fred Woodhams says he’s 100-percent confident in Michigan’s election system, stating “we have a very paper-based process. We have paper ballots, results are printed out on paper, multiple copies. Just the sheer magnitude of Michigan’s election system is something to be confident in.”

He adds “We have a new qualified voter file that is more secure, designed with security in mind, and we’ve been continually testing our systems that are online and computer based, to check for vulnerabilities and address them if they do appear.”

Woodhams says tabulators are not connected to the internet, and post-election audits will verify that voting machines tabulated ballots properly.